An error message displays when importing a custom block


The user is experiencing an error message "Input 0 expected of type Brep but is real" when trying to import a custom block. Trying to open the same file generates the error "nTop encountered an unexpected error processing the file." 

Opening this file shows the error "nTop encountered an unexpected error processing the file."


Applies to:

  • nTopology 2.26.4
  • Custom blocks


This is a known issue that occurs while saving files using nTopology 2.26.4. An error may occur that causes a corrupt file. 


nTopology release 2.27 will fix this defect. New files and updated files are unaffected by this issue. However, files saved before nTopology 2.27 may still experience problems. Currently, the only answer is to contact nTopology support. Please attach the file and report any steps taken before the incident. We can potentially restore the file.

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