How to log in with a cloud license after using a local license


Learn how to log in with your cloud license instead of your local license.

Applies to:

  • Licensing, nTop 2.30


To switch from local to cloud, you need to open nTop Platform and Logout (using the account icon in the upper-right hand corner). Once you do that, open nTop Platform up again and type in your email and password. This allows you to use your Cloud License. For reference, if you wanted to use Local, you select the text "Load Local License" and load in your license. 

    • Open up nTop
    • Navigate to the Account icon in the Upper Right-hand corner and select it
      • Choose Logout (this will close the program)


    • Open up nTop
    • A login screen will appear
    • Login using your email and password to use your Cloud License 


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