How to generate bar supports under a part


Learn how to use the "CB - Bar Supports - Parts to Build Plate (Implicit)" block to generate bar supports under a part. In this example, you will learn how to use a combination of blocks to generate supports necessary for additive manufacturing.

If you would like a deeper look into the workflow or would like to follow along through the steps below you can find the nTop files here: nTop File - How to use CB - Bar Support - Parts to Build Plate (Implicit) and Custom Block: CB - Bar Supports - Part to Build Plate (Implicit).


Applies to:

  • Additive manufacturing


In this example, we are using a part that has been oriented using the Minimum Support Orientations block. This block is a Custom Block; they are a repeatable workflow that can be created by any user.  

1. Import the Custom Block:

To use a Custom Block (CB), we need to import it into nTopology. Go to File > Import and then navigate to the location that the CB is located. The first time you do this step the CB auto-populates in the Note Book. For each subsequent time, you would like to use that same CB, search for it in the Notebook Searchbar.

2. Fill out the inputs:

Input 1: Select the body to support

The input body is the part we want to support. In this example, we are using the bracket below, External Only - Final.



Inputs 2-7 & 10:

These inputs define what the bar support geometry looks like and its position on the part. 


  • Input 2: Point Spacing
    • Defines the space between the tip points on the part
  • Input 3: Tip Offset
    • Defines the 'length' of the tip
  • Input 4/5: Tip Thickness (Part > Bar)
    • Controls the tapper of the tip from the Part to the Bar
  • Input 6/7: BarThickness (Tip > Base)
    • Controls the tapper of the bar from the Tip to the Base
  • Input 8: Blend radius
    • Defines the blend radius from the bar to the plate

This is a High-Res render of the bar supports

At times the visual render of an Implicit come is very blotchy (as seen below). This doesn't mean the true representation is incorrect. With the Block select (the blue highlight around the block) simply press Ctrl-H to get the High-Res to render seen above.



Download the Example file:

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