How to Create an FE Mesh


This article explains how to create an FE Mesh composed of tetrahedral elements, useful for simulation workflows. 

  • Start with a surface mesh of regularly sized polygons. See How to Create a Surface Mesh for additional details.
  • Volume Mesh is effective if the input domain is mostly error-free. 
  • Alternately Tetrahedral Mesh is exceptionally tolerant of complex geometry.
  • Add an FE Mesh block and specify the geometric order:
    • Linear inserts nodes at the vertices of elements.
    • Quadratic inserts mid-side nodes along the straight edges of elements.
    • Curved elements are not supported.
  • Right-click on the FE Mesh block to Export as an INP, CDB, BDF, K, or UNV.

Watch the video for a demonstration! 

 Download the File.

Example File.

Ready to see the next step? Check out Selecting Regions of an FE Mesh

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