How to Select Boundaries of an FE Mesh - FE Boundary by Body


This article describes how to select boundaries of an FE Mesh using the FE Boundary by Body method. It follows along with the Brake Pedal from "Preparing for Analysis" to teach you how to select areas on the mesh to prepare for adding Boundary Conditions. 

FE Boundary by Body


The FE Boundary by Body block selects entities of an FE Mesh (faces, edges, nodes) that are within the desired tolerance of an Implicit Body. Depending on the tolerance, the Implicit Body can be intersected with the mesh or not touching. The Reverse box can be toggled on or off to select the opposite of what was selected.

Note: Download the example file to follow along below.


1. Choose and Prepare the Body for Selection 

In this example, we want a Force Boundary Condition to act on the head of the brake pedal. In order to choose that area on the mesh, we need to extract the CAD face (select CAD Face and right-click), convert it to an Implicit Body, and then Thicken the body. Thickening the body turns the thin implicit face into an object that can be rendered and used to select entities on the mesh.



2. Select Boundary

Once the selection body is prepared, it needs to be intersected with the FE Mesh to choose the boundary. Follow the steps below to do this:

  • Add an FE Boundary by Body block
  • Double click on the Mesh input to add the existing FE Mesh
  • Choose 'Nodes' for the Entity
  • Insert the Thickened Body from the last step into the Body input



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