How to Export an STL


This article explains how to export STL, OBJ, 3mf, or PLY formats.

STL, OBJ, and PLY are mesh-based formats. To export, you need to create a mesh from your model.

Convert the part you want to export into a mesh

Convert any object to a mesh with the following blocks (depending on the starting format).

  • Mesh from Implicit Body
  • Mesh from CAD Body
  • Mesh from Voxel Grid

Refine the mesh

Add the optional step of using the Remesh Surface block to refine your mesh. Click here to see further meshing techniques if you require further refinement. 

Export the mesh

Export Mesh allows you to define units, file locations, and file type for a repeatable workflow.

  • Right-click the final mesh block and select Export for fast one-off exports

 Download the File.

Example File.

Interested in what mesh files can be exported? Check out Exporting mesh geometry.

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