How to mesh complex parts


Learn about several different workflows for meshing complex parts. Meshing can get quite complicated and not every workflow works for different parts.

Applies to:

  • Exporting, Manufacturing, Analysis, Topology Optimization


These workflows work well for parts with high surface areas (Lattices, TPMS).


  • Workflow 1: Surface Mesh
    • Mesh from Implicit by Voxels (beta)
    • Simplify Mesh by Threshold 


  • Workflow 2: Surface Mesh
    • Mesh from Implicit by Voxels (beta)
    • Use the Split Mesh block to separate a mesh into a list of disconnected components
    • Filter Mesh List will eliminate the segments below a specified volume
    • Merge Meshes to turn the "list" back into a single object (a list of one item is still recognized as a list until you merge it) 





  • Workflow 5: Solid Mesh with Voxels
    • Voxel Grid from Implicit Body
    • Smoothen Voxel Grid
    • Mesh from Voxel Grid
    • Remesh Surface
    • Volume Mesh
    • Download the Example File



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