nTop Platform Cloud Licensing Guide


This article reviews common cloud licensing questions. nTop Platform is a standalone application that operates locally on your desktop. However, we connect to cloud services for license authentication and account management. 

During the account generation process, we send an email asking you to set up a password. Be aware that the "set password" link expires after 3-days. 

If the link expires before you complete the account setup, or if you forgot you forgot your password, click the Forgot Password link.

After logging in, users can download and install the application. Opening nTop Platform the first time triggers a prompt to log in. Enter your email address and password to validate the license.


  • A stable internet connection is required to log in.
  • If disconnected from the internet, your license remains valid for 10-days until you need to reconnect.
  • The application asks you to log in again after changing your password.
  • Click Help > About to view licensing details.
  • If you have a stable internet connection but are "unable to connect to server" please contact your IT department to whitelist the URLs used to connect to our licensing server. See nTop Platform Cloud Licensing Whitelisting Guide for more information.
  • If your company uses a corporate proxy, please ensure your system is configured to use it. Specifically, the https setting needs to be set correctly.




Submit a support request with questions or issues.

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