How to generate randomized lattice thickness


Learn how to create a variable lattice thickness driven by 3D Simplex Noise in a Ramp. This technique is useful for creating Stochastic foam. 


1. Start with any Implicit Body.

2. Add a Voronoi Volume Lattice 

3. Add a Trim Lattice and use the Voronoi Lattice and the Implicit Body as the inputs

    • Choose lattice to remain: Inside


4. Add a Ramp to use as a thickness modifier

    • In the Scalar Field of the Ramp, add Simplex Noise 3D
      • Change the frequency to vary the thickness
    • Set the Ramp values:
      • In Min: -0.5, In Max: 0.75
      • Out Min: 0.17 mm, Out Max: 0.8 mm (right-click on the Out Min and Out Max input names to turn them into variables, allowing you to easily change the beam thickness)

5. Add an Offset Body to thicken the lattice

    • Use the Volume Lattice for the Body and the Ramp for the Distance


And that’s it! You’ve successfully created a lattice with a randomized beam thickness

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Download the Example file:

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