How to Create Variable Lattice Thickness using Simplex Noise

This article explains how to create a variable lattice thickness driven by 3D Simplex Noise in a Ramp. This technique is useful for creating Stochastic foam. 

  • Start with any Implicit Body.
  • Add a Voronoi Volume Lattice 
  • Add a Trim Lattice and use the Voronoi Lattice and the Implicit Body as the inputs
    • Choose lattice to remain: Inside
  • Add a Ramp to use as a thickness modifier
    • In the Scalar Field of the Ramp, add Simplex Noise 3D
      • Change the frequency to vary the thickness
    • Set the Ramp values
  • Add an Offset Body to thicken the lattice
    • Use the Volume Lattice for the Body and the Ramp for the Distance

Watch the video below and download the attachment for a detailed example. Try it for yourself and recreate the steps using a Volume Lattice or an Orthofoam lattice. Change the input numbers to see the effects they have on the result.


 Download the File

Example File

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