List Processing Walk-through

This tutorial will take you step-by-step through an example from our Documentation. In this example, we’ll learn about List Processing, which gives users the ability to batch automate workflows.

Following best practices, all blocks are renamed by double-clicking on the name and made into variables by left-clicking on the block header.


Step 01: Create a list of numbers.

Using a Sequence block, create a list of numbers that increment by a constant amount. We will make this into our Number List variable.

Step 02: Create an array of points.

Using the Number List variable from Step 01, we can create an array of points by adding this variable to one of the Point block coordinates. We will make this into our Point List variable. In this example, we've added the number list to the X coordinate, which will produce 6 points, spaced in 12 mm increments in the X-axis. 

Step 03: Create volumes.

Using the Point List variable, we can create six Volumes with a Box block at once, since each box's center is defined by a point. 

Step 04: Fill the boxes with a lattice.

Using a Volume Lattice block, add the Box List to the Volume input. By default, this will fill each box with the same lattice. In order to fill each box with a different lattice, we will need to use the Volumetric Rule List block and select six lattices. In this example, we've selected six different types of lattices. 

To learn more about List Processing, check out this article: Working with Lists. See the attached file for the complete workflow. 


  Example File.

Download the example.

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