How to Create a Voronoi Surface Texture


This article explains how to create a Voronoi Surface Texture on certain CAD faces. It uses the joined and meshed CAD faces from How to turn Multiple CAD Faces into a Single Surface.


  • Start with joined and remeshed CAD surfaces
  • Convert the main CAD part to an Implicit Body variable
  • Add Random Points on Mesh
  • Insert the Remeshed Surface variable into the Mesh input
    • Set the Point Count to 10,000
    • Set Relaxation Iteration to 30
  • Add a Voronoi Boundary Lattice 
  • Insert the Random Points on Mesh as the Seed Points
  • Insert the Remeshed Surface as the Mesh
  • Add Thicken Body
  • Insert the Voronoi Boundary Lattice
    • Set Thickness to 0.4mm
  • Add Boolean Subtract
  • Insert the main CAD Implicit Body as the Primary Body
  • Insert the Thicken Body as the Subtraction Bodies


Watch the video below and download the attachment for a detailed example.

nTop Version 2.1.2 - Methods and interface may have changed in different versions


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