TPMS Infill Walk-through

This tutorial will take you step-by-step through an example from our Documentation. In this example, we’ll learn how to fill a volume with a Tripley Periodic Minimal Surface (TPMS), also known as a periodic lattice.

Following best practices, all blocks are renamed by double-clicking on the name and made into variables by right-clicking on the block header.


Step 01: Add a Box.

Add a Box block to the notebook. We'll join this Box to a Sphere and fill the joined primitives with a Gyroid Lattice.


Step 02: Add a Sphere.

Add a Sphere block to the notebook. The centroid of this Sphere will be defined by the Maximum Point of the Box variable. 

To access this point, go the Properties tab from the Box Information Panel. 


Step 03: Join the Box and Sphere together. 

Add a Boolean Union block and input the Box and Sphere as bodies.


Step 04: Fill the Design Space with TPMS. 

Add a Walled TPMS block and input the Design Space as the body.


 Download the File

Example File

nTop Version 2.1.2 - Methods and interface may have changed in different versions.

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