Slicing and Exporting Walk-through

This tutorial shows you how to slice your geometry and export the slices. The slices can be exported in a number of formats. Check out this article for the supported formats.

Slice the Object

  • Select the Slice Block
    • For the Body input, drag in the geometry you want to slice
    • In the Frame input, add a reference point to generate the slice stack by using the Frame block.
      • Ensure that your Frame is located at the bottom of your part. In this example, the Min Point located within the Properties of the geometry was used to designate the Origin of the Frame
    • Input values for the Layer Height and Feature Size

Hatch the Slices

  • Introduce hatches to your slice stack with the Hatch block
    • Drag your slice stack into the first input of your Hatch block and input values for the Spacing and Angle Step

Merge It all Together

  • Merge your slices and hatches using the Merge Slice Stacks block
    • Select the + sign within the Slice Stack List to add another input
    • Drag your Slice block and Hatch block into the list inputs

Export as your preferred file Format

  • Export your slices to the desired file location by selecting the Export Slices to CLI block, dragging in your merged slice stack block into the Slice Stack input, and then selecting the folder icon located to the right of the Path input to designate a file location.

Watch the demonstration and download the attachment for a detailed example. 

 Download the File

Example File

nTop Version 2.1.2 - Methods and interface may have changed in different versions

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