Slicing and Exporting Walk-through


This tutorial will take you step-by-step through an example from our Documentation. In this example, we’ll learn about our slicing capabilities for manufacturing.

Following best practices, all blocks are renamed by double-clicking on the name and made into variables by left-clicking on the block header.


Step 01: Create a Part to Slice. 

Here, we begin with a Box block to create a Volume Lattice. We must thicken this Lattice and make it into an nTop Body.

Step 02: Slice the Part. 

Within the Slice block, define the slicing orientation with a Frame block and bring in the part to slice. Here you will define the Layer Height and Feature Size. This will become our Slice Stack A.

Step 03: Hatch the Part. 

Here we use a Hatch block to create hatch lines on each layer of Slice Stack A. This will become our Slice Stack B. If you need space between the slice and the hatch data, use the Offset Slice Stack block to offset Slice Stack A and then hatch the newly offset slice stack. 

Step 04: Merge the Slice Data. 

The Merge Slice Stacks block gives you the ability to weave slice data together. In this example Slice Stack A comes first. This means the first layer of Slice Stack A will be deposited first, then the first layer of Slice Stack B. 

Step 05: Export the Combined Slice Data. 

Review the Exchange menu in the Manufacturing tab to see all available export options. With your desired Export Slices block, select a file path location for the Slice data. 

nTop Version 2.1.2 - Methods and interface may have changed in different versions.

See the attached file for the complete workflow.

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