How to use the Field -Viewer


The Field Viewer, located in the View menu, enables you to preview the values of Implicits and Real Fields.

The Field-Viewer will, using a plane in space, display the distance field from the model’s boundary in the form of radiating white lines. In the example file below:

  • Go to the View tab on the menu bar and then select Field Viewer.
  • A floating window will appear in the viewport.
  • Select the object to analyze by typing the name of the block into the Object input.
  • Determine the location of the field viewer, the resolution of the field, and the millimeter spacing at which the field is sampled.

Instead of loading the Field-Viewer from the View tab, click on the block whose field you want to view and press the hotkey “F”


Watch the demonstration and download the attachment for a detailed example.

nTop Version 2.2.5 - Methods and interface may have changed in different versions

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