Use Simulation Results to Drive Lattice Thickness


Goal: To thicken a lattice using stress results from a static analysis 


  • Create 4 Real Variables: Max stress, Min Stress, Max beam thickness, Min beam thickness
  • Create a Ramp 
  • Place Stress Variables as inputs in the Ramp (In Min, In Max)
  • Place Beam Thickness Variables as outputs in the Ramp (Out Min, Out Max)
  • Specify a Continuity 
  • Turn on visibility for Static Analysis block 
  • Copy and paste Max and Min stress values from HUD into respective real variables (don’t forget to add units)
  • Specify Max and Min beam thicknesses
  • Drag the Von Mises Stress field chip from the properties tab of the Static Analysis into the “Real Field” input of the Ramp block 
  • Drag the lattice and the previously created block ramp into a Thicken Body block to their respective inputs 
    • Body: Lattice
    • Thickness: Ramp

Watch the video demonstration below to see how it is done and follow along with the file here

nTop Version 2.2.5. - Methods and interface may have changed in different versions

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