Section Cut

In this short tutorial, you will learn how to use the Section Cut tool that can be used to quickly create and view 2D sections of a model.


Section Cut can be accessed in the main navigation bar under View. The shortcut to access Section Cut is hotkey ‘X’. When working with the Section Cut tool, you can continue making design changes while maintaining the section cut view, the scene will automatically update.

The section tool works on all blocks in the Notebook except for Simulation blocks.

Key Parameters

  • Mode: Global or Selection
    • Global: Allows multiple blocks to be selected to be section cut at once. If selected, all the currently visible blocks will be section cut.
    • Selection: This mode isolates one specific object to section cut.
  • Object: This parameter is used when the Selection Mode is enabled. Double left click or begin typing the name of the block you want to see.
  • Plane Size: The size of the plane that is used to cut the object. By default, it is sized to the approximate bounding box of the object.
  • Center: The center point of where the section cut is occurring, which is taken from the bounding box centroid of the object.
  • Plane Normal: The plane that the section cut is occurring, the directionality can be switched at any time. The normal can also be flipped at any time.
  • Display Style: Shaded or Outline
    • Outline: Has transparency at the edges of the 2D section for easier viewing of complex shapes.
    • Shaded: Does not have the transparency at the edges.

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