The Information Panel

The Information Panel (or Info Panel) provides descriptions, accessibility, and control over any block and its output. Access the Info Panel by clicking on the question mark icon on the upper right corner of the block. Here you will find the information, properties, display and comments of the block.


Within the Information tab, you will find the block and input descriptions, the input and output types, and the version of the block.

Under the Properties tab, you will have access to different properties of the block. These properties will vary depending on the type of block. Each of these properties can be dragged into the notebook and used as a variable.


Within the Display tab, the Object Color can be manipulated by clicking on the dropdown menu. Mesh representations can be viewed with or without a wireframe.


Under the Comment tab, you can add a comment that will appear above and remain associated with the block. If a block is within another block, a speech bubble icon will indicate that the block is commented. Comments can also be added by clicking on the speech bubble icon that appears when hovering above the block.


The Info Panel will also display any alerts associated with the block. The color of the question mark icon represents the Block Status. The Info Panel will provide a description of the status.

  • Blue: Incomplete Block
  • Yellow: Warning
  • Red: Error
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