Basics: Lightweighting with Blocks


This video will build on what was covered in 1.1.0 Basics: Lightweighting with Toolkits. It will cover the same workflow using only blocks and not toolkits. It will teach you how the blocks work together, options for volume latticing, and using boolean operations. 



1. Add an Import Part block to bring your geometry into the program. 

2. Once imported, double click on the different bodies to Convert CAD Body to Implicit

3. Shell the Boundary Body with an inward direction.

4. Boolean Subtract the Shell from the Boundary Body to create the inner volume.

5. Add a Volume Lattice block and use the Inside Volume as the volume input.

6. Use a Thicken Body block to thicken the lattice and convert it to an Implicit Body in the same step.

7. Boolean Intersect the Inside Volume with the Thickened Lattice to clean up any small pieces.

8. Boolean Union the Shell with the final volume lattice of the previous step.

9. Boolean Subtract the underside from the Shell and Filled model.

Give it a try and re-create this workflow for a gyroid infill. Download the file below to see the workflow in detail. 

 Download the File

Example File


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