1.1.0 Basics: Lightweighting with Toolkits


This video will teach you the basics of nTop Platform while building on what we learned in the previous User Interface and Block introduction videos. We will be creating a workflow to lightweight an imported part. Topics covered are file set-up, importing, conversion, shell and fill, and boolean operations. If you are new to the program this video will help you get up and running with nTop!


1. Add an Import Part block to bring your geometry into the program. 

2. Once imported, double click on the different bodies to Convert CAD Body to Implicit Body.

3. Use the Shell and Volume Lattice toolkit to easily create a lightweight part.

4. Boolean Subtract the smaller body from the main, lightweight, part.


Make sure to follow along and download the finished workflow! Once you've completed this workflow, check out the next lesson in this series: 1.2.0 Basics: Lightweighting with Blocks

Interested in learning more about variables? Check out this article for more information!

 Download the File

Example File

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