Basics 1: How to create a lightweight part using Toolkits


Learn how to lightweight your part by using the Shell and Fill Toolkit and learn how to:

    • Import a part
    • Convert a CAD body to an Implicit body
    • Use Toolkits
    • Use Boolean Operations


This video expands on: Get to know the User Interface and Blocks & The Notebook.

Toolkits: A Toolkit is a collection of blocks saved in a Notebook with inputs and an output, essentially a Custom Block that is built into nTop. You can tell a block is a Toolkit by two parallel lines on the left of the block. If you want to see how this block works, right-click on it and select 'Export'. Open up the exported file to see the Notebook saved within. 


1. Add an Import Part block to bring your geometry into the program. 

2. Once imported, double click on the different bodies to Convert CAD Body to Implicit Body.

3. Use the Shell and Volume Lattice toolkit to easily create a lightweight part.

4. Boolean Subtract the smaller body from the main, lightweight, part.

And there you go! If you’ve followed the instructions in this video, you should now have a shelled and filled part. Now, you’ll be able to easily lightweight a part using toolkits.

If you still have questions our support team would be happy to help you.

Thanks for watching!

Download the Example File:



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  • Thanks.  Interesting example.  It might be better to have the trainee download the cad file instead of the completed ntop file.


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