nTopology Cloud Licensing Proxy Settings Guide

This article explains how to configure proxy settings for cloud licensing. nTopology is a standalone application that operates locally on your desktop. However, we connect to cloud services for license authentication and account management. Some users may need to whitelist nTopology URLs. For more information regarding licensing, visit the nTopology Licensing Guide.

Configure Proxy Settings

Users can configure Proxy Settings through the nTopology login window. This feature enables cloud licensing deployment in enterprise environments. If configuring proxy settings applies to you, please contact your IT administrator for assistance.

To configure proxy settings, select “Configure proxy settings” from the login window. If you are already logged in, select Logout from your user account menu (see image below).


From the proxy setting screen, you can choose to override the system proxy settings, which will then give you the ability to specify the host and port of the proxy server. Select Apply when finished. Select back to login with your license to launch nTop Platform.



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