List Blocks

All blocks in nTop can exist as singular entities or as a list. To create a list of any type, type ‘list’ into the search bar, along with the block type you would like to create. Lists are denoted in nTop by three small rectangles of increasing width in the bottom left corner of the data type icon. The size of a list is shown in parentheses next to the Block type.


The example below shows a single Sphere block, represented by the first sphere, along with a Sphere List below it, consisting of three spheres.


In the Properties tab of the Info panel, you will see that List blocks contain the same information available for singular blocks, but each set of information is also a list. For example, a list of points at the center of each listed sphere can be found in the properties tab of the Sphere List block.


To examine individual entities in a List, go to the bottom of the Properties tab in the Info panel, and you will see each list entity identified by an index number ([0],[1],[2],...). The dropdown arrow next to the individual entities can be clicked to obtain more information on just that individual list entity.

You can also click and drag individual entities into the notebook to create a new single variable separated from the list.


Interested in learning more about Lists? Check out our Working with Lists Guide!

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