nTopology Organization Administration Licensing Guide


Organization Administration Licensing, also known as Org. Admin. Licensing is the ability for a user at an organization to invite people from within their company to use nTopology and to manage their cloud licenses. The Org. Admin. is a role assigned to an individual at an organization by nTopology. This guide walks you through how to use the Org. Admin. Licensing Dashboard. If you feel that Organization Administration Licensing is right for your company, please contact sales@ntopology.com or support@ntopology.com.

What does Org. Admin Licensing offer?

With the Org. Admin. Role, you have the ability to:

  • Invite Users
  • Create Teams 
  • Manage Licenses

If you become an Org. Admin, you’ll receive an invitation email to create your account at app.ntopology.com. Once your password is set, you’ll be able to perform the actions outlined above. If you already have an account at app.ntopology.com, you’ll still receive an email notifying you of this role change with links to helpful onboarding material, such as this support article. 


The Org. Admin. Licensing dashboard is integrated into your user dashboard. It’ll appear as another menu option called Organization, above the Help Center link. From the Organization menu, you’ll see an overview of your entire organization. This includes the number of Users, Teams, and Licenses. Below the dashboard overview is the user-licensing table. Below is an example of this view: 


Invite Users

As an Org. Admin, you can invite new users to your organization. If there are users who already belong to your organization, they’ll automatically appear in the user-licensing table. 


You can add a user from two locations: The Total Users overview at the top of the dashboard or from within the user-licensing table. Both options have the same button called Add New User

The Add New User button will open a modal window that’ll require you to input the following information: 

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Team (optional)
  • License 

Once you invite a user, you cannot change their email address. You can however change their Full Name, Team, and License. Below is an overview of the Add New User window: 




If you encounter any issues adding a user to your organization, please contact support@ntopology.com

Create Teams 

As an Org. Admin, you can create teams to organize the users in your organization. You can also edit and delete teams. Deleting a team doesn’t delete users or licenses. In the event you need to delete a team, the users’ team will default to None. 


To create a team, select the Add Team button at the top of the Org. Admin Licensing dashboard. A modal window will appear, give you the ability to add, edit, and delete teams. To add a team, simply type in the name of the team you’d like to create next to the plus (+) icon. Select Save Changes once you are done. You can cancel at any time. If you need to change the name of a team, select the Edit Teams button. This will activate edit mode. Change the name of the target team and select Save Changes. To delete a team, select the Edit Teams button. This will activate edit mode. Select the x button and the team will automatically be deleted. Hit cancel to exit this mode. Below is image of the Add Teams window: 


To add a user to a team, select the Edit icon located in the Edit column of the user-licensing table. From this modal window, you’ll be able to select a team from the Team drop down menu. 



Manage Licenses

As an Org. Admin, you’ll have the ability to assign and un-assign licenses from the users in your organization. You can assign a license to a user upon adding them to your organization via the Add New User button. This feature is located in the dashboard overview as well as in the user-licensing table for all licenses that are not assigned to a user. 


In the event you need to transfer a license from one user to another, select the Edit icon located in the Edit column of the user-licensing table. The Edit User Details modal window will appear. Select an available license from the license drop down menu. Below is an example: OrgAdmin10_EditLicense.png

In the event you need to revoke a user’s license, simply toggle the Assign a license to this user from purple to grey in the Edit User Details modal window. 


If it’s determined that you need more licenses for your organization please contact your designated sales representative or contact sales at sales@ntopology.com or support at support@ntopology.com 


Licensing Type & Info

From the user-licensing table, you can see valuable information regarding the license type. Licenses can be Full meaning they are year or longer in duration, or they can be a Trial meaning they are less than a year in duration. A license can also expire, which will appear as Expired License in the user-licensing table. If a user doesn’t have a license, the license type will read Unlicensed


From the Info column in the user-licensing table, if you hover your mouse over the Info Icon, you can see information such as the status of the license, who it is assigned to, the duration of the license and if the license is a Full or Trial license. If the Info icon is a red exclamation point, it means that the license has either expired, is about to expire, or is not assigned to a user. Below are all the different information states that’ll appear: 


Miscellaneous Features

  • Edit A User’s Password: as an Org. Admin, you cannot see a user’s password, but you do have the ability to change their password in the event the user is blocked from receiving our Reset Password emails. Emails are sometimes blocked due to IT Firewalls. 
  • Items per page: you can also choose to control the amount of items displayed per page by changing the Items per page value located next to the search bar at the top of the user-licensing table.  
  • Search: you can search for users via their name or email address in the search bar located above the user-licensing table. 
  • Your License: As an Org. Admin, it’s not necessary for you to have a license of nTopology in order to download and install the software. In the event you need a license, you’ll either already have one assigned to you by nTopology, or you can assign yourself a license via the user-licensing table.  


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