nTopology User Dashboard Guide


nTop Platform users receive a welcome email from nTopology to create a password and sign in to their dashboard. From this dashboard, nTop Platform users can download the software, download Getting Started and Toolkit example files, watch helpful tutorials, and gain access to additional support content. 


From the Home page, users can immediately download the latest release of nTop Platform and quickly access resources, such as video tutorials and downloadable example files, as well as blog articles. The Home page also displays account information such as the associated email address and the expiration date of your nTop Platform license. Beneath the Home page is a series of additional pages:

  • Downloads
  • Resources
  • Settings
  • Support


From the Downloads page, a user can download the latest release of nTop Platform and review the release notes as well. Beneath the newest version of nTop Platform is a series of Toolkit example files. To learn more about Toolkits, visit https://ntopology.com/toolkits/.


From the Resources page, a user can download Getting Started example files, watch video tutorials and webinars, and read our latest blog articles. Also, each example file contains a link to our support site featuring a step by step walkthrough for each step of the file so that you can build each workflow from the ground up. The Blog tab will link you to the blog section on our website, which features articles by industry experts on 3D Printing, Advanced Manufacturing, and Computational Engineering.


From the Settings page, users can update their password and review their account information, including their email address and their license expiration date. 


The Support page brings users to our extensive and continually expanding Help Center. The Help Center features many helpful articles and videos for every aspect of nTop Platform, from setting up your online account, installation, licensing, importing CAD files, building notebooks and workflows, creating lattices, running simulations, and exporting data.

You may also contact nTopology with questions and feedback. If you are reading this article, you are already on the support site! 

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