How does nTopology manage usage data collection?


  • Can nTopology access user data through the desktop application?
  • Can users opt out of anonymous data collection?

Applies to:

  • nTopology
  • Cloud Licensing


nTopology is primarily a desktop application that stores nTop files and associated data locally. The application connects to cloud services for software delivery, software updates, license authentication, account management, and analytics.

nTopology collects anonymous product usage data, including feature usage and unexpected errors. We utilize the anonymous product data to help us develop more valuable products. We do not collect project-specific information such as imported files, filenames, or specific block inputs.

Users may opt-out of anonymous data collection by going to File > Settings > Data and unselecting Send Usage Data.

Additionally, we collect a minimum amount of user data to confirm the End-User License Agreement's terms. Users may not opt out of license data sharing.

For complete details, see the Privacy policy


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