List Manipulation

You can add entities to a list by simply dragging a new block into List block. Remember that all entities in a list must have the same block type (i.e. they must have the same icon in the top left corner of the block).


Or, lists can be added to by clicking the + sign in the top left corner next to the Info Panel button.


The order of list entities can be changed by dragging list entities around within the List block


To remove empty slots in a list, hover your cursor over the slot and click on the — sign that appears on the left. Lists that contain empty slots will be invalid until the empty slot is removed.


Other list manipulation tools can be found in the Utilities Ribbon Tab, under ‘General’. These blocks are outlined below.

  • List Element: Extract a single entity from a list
  • Insert: Combine two lists into one by inserting a list into another at a specified index location.
  • Sub List: Extract a smaller list from a larger input list, based on a starting index and the desired size of the sub-list.
  • Remove: Remove one or more entities from a list, based on a starting index and the number of removed entities.

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