nTopology Troubleshooting Guide

Experiencing a recurring nTop Platform support issue? Here are some recommended steps to troubleshoot the problem:

  1. Restart the computer to verify optimal system health. A simple restart solves many computer troubles. Keep in mind that Restart is not the same as Shut down. Restarting reinitializes Windows 10 and mitigates memory leaks.
  2. Confirm you are using the latest version of nTop Platform. We release updates with performance improvements and error fixes frequently.
  3. Is this issue specific to particular files? Can you reproduce the issue with the same files on a different system? These steps help determine if the problem is file-specific or a system problem.
  4. If the issue is generating an error message, try searching our Knowledge Base for known solutions.
  5. Check that your system specifications are compatible with nTop Platform.
  6. If your graphics card meets the nTop Platform system requirements, we recommend using the latest driver. If your driver is outdated, download and install the newest release from the manufacturer’s website.
  7. Check for pending Windows updates, installing missing updates may correct system troubles.

If none of these actions resolve the issue, contact nTop Support for assistance.  Be sure to send your system specifications, any relevant screenshots, nTop files, reference files, steps to reproduce, and crash reports if applicable

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