My Account Welcome email never arrived


I signed up for a trial/account and never received an email prompting me to create my account.

My Welcome email never arrived and I'm unable to create an account.

Applies to:

  • nTopology
  • Cloud licenses
  • Local licenses


This issue may occur if:

    • Spam filters caught the message
    • Your inbox is full
    • The email address is incorrect
    • Your VPN is blocking the email

Occasionally, an organization's security practices can block our automated messages.

Extending, renewing, or making changes to a current nTopology account does not automatically trigger an email.


Take the following troubleshooting steps:

    1. Check your spam and bulk folder for messages from [email protected].
    2. Add [email protected] to your contacts.
    3. Browse to and click Forgot Password. This step generates a new email that allows you to log in and create an account.
    4. Talk to your IT department about the VPN possibly blocking the email.

If the issue persists after taking these steps, contact Support to verify that the system uses the correct email. We may need to speak with your IT department to diagnose fully.  As a workaround, users can provide nTopology with an alternate email.

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