Remesh Surface Block: Tips for Complex Geometry

If you are encountering errors or slow computing times while using the Remesh Block on complex geometry, or on a mesh with multiple volumes, consider trying out this workflow:

Optional: Simplify Mesh by Threshold

If your mesh is very large, it's a good idea to Simplify it first. This will make it easier and faster to work with. Note that this step is optional since it is mostly intended for large meshes. Input your Mesh block into the Simplify Mesh by Threshold block. This will simplify it into a workable sized mesh. 


1. Split Mesh

Add a Split Mesh block and input the Simplify Mesh from the previous step (or just the Mesh block if you didn't simplify it). This will split the mesh into all of its isolated volumes. We get a few isolated regions due to the complexity of the infill, but we remove them here. 


Open the Split Mesh Info Panel and go to the Properties tab. Drag out the first mesh list item (they will be sorted by volume) and drag it into the Notebook.


2. Remesh Surface

Now you can input that new chip into the Remesh Surface block and it will create a nice, error-free, mesh that is ready for export or analysis. 

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