Input Mesh must be Manifold



I'm trying to create a Quad Mesh, but I keep getting the error: "Input mesh must be manifold."

Applies to:

  • Quad Meshing
  • Export to CAD
  • Mesh export


A mesh can be non-manifold due to many reasons. Some of the most common occurrences are: 

  • An edge connected to more or less than two faces
  • Separate regions connected through a single vertex
  • Loose geometry (discontinuous)
  • Plane normals pointing in opposite directions for adjacent faces

To check if your mesh is manifold or not, click on the info (?) panel and go to Properties. There will be a property called Manifold. If it says False, then it is not manifold and if it says True, then it is. 



If your mesh isn't manifold, you will need to refine your mesh further. This can include using blocks like Remesh Surface, Refine Mesh, Simplify Mesh by Threshold, Simplify Mesh by Amount, or editing the Adaptivity and Feature Size. 

If you are trying to create a Quad Mesh using the Quadrangulate Mesh block, you will always want to use one of the refinement blocks mentioned above. Inputting a Mesh from Implicit Body or Mesh from CAD Body block will most likely cause an error without a refinement step. 

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