Beta lattice block: Cell Map on CAD Face


How does the new Beta block, Cell Map on CAD Face, work?


  • With the release of 2.15, the ability to use 'Beta Blocks' has launched. Beta blocks are blocks that are in development that are subject to change prior to transitioning into full production use. Beta blocks are generally not recommended for production use but are made available to users for early access to upcoming features. To turn on Beta blocks, go to File > Settings and check the 'Show Beta Blocks' box
  • Before reading this article, it is recommended to read Introduction to the New Lattice Workflow, as this will build on top of those new concepts. This article will teach you about the block, Cell Map on CAD Face


The Cell Map on CAD Face creates a cell map on any CAD Face. As with our standard cell maps, it maps both Graph and TPMS unit cells. The current block, Conformal Lattice from CAD Face, only maps Graph Lattices, and not TPMS structures. 

The Cell Map on CAD Face has three inputs: CAD Face, UVW count, and Offset.


Face: Accepts a single CAD Face
UVW Count: The number of unit cells in each axis of the CAD Face
Offset: The cell height from the CAD Face, which can be either a constant value (scalar) or variable (scalar field). 

Take a look at the gif below to see how it works. Once all the fields are filled in, add it to your Periodic Lattice Body block and add a Unit Cell to create the lattice. 




Download the example file below and edit the input values to get comfortable with the block. Try using both Unit Cell types, and then try creating a Cell Map on your own CAD Face. 

Are you still having issues? Contact the support team, and we’ll be happy to help!

Download the Example file:

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