Beta lattice blocks: Lattices from Mesh, Merge Lattices, and Trim


How do I use the new beta blocks to create a lattice from a mesh?


  • With the release of 2.15, the ability to use 'Beta Blocks' has launched. Beta blocks are blocks that are in development that are subject to change prior to transitioning into full production use. Beta blocks are generally not recommended for production use but are made available to users for early access to upcoming features. To turn on Beta blocks, go to File > Settings and check the 'Show Beta Blocks' box. 

  • Before reading this article, it is recommended to read Introduction to the New Lattice Workflow, as this will build on top of those new concepts. This article will introduce the new Lattice from Mesh blocks and give an example of how each of them works. 


1. Lattice Body from Volume Mesh

This block allows you to create a lattice from a Volume Mesh, with control over the method and thickness. You can also toggle if the surface of the mesh is converted into a lattice as well. 


2. Lattice Body from Surface Mesh

Similar to Lattice Body from Volume Mesh, this block creates a lattice from the mesh, but only along the surface. This block is similar to the current block, Surface Mesh, but adds an input for Thickness as well. 


3. Merge Lattice Bodies

Merge Lattice Bodies allows you to merge multiple lattices together into a single lattice. Vertices, within a tolerance determined by the Distance threshold, are collapsed into a single vertex. The Thickness field will override the thickness determined in the separate lattice bodies. 


4. Trim Lattice Body

This block will trim a lattice body using an implicit volume input. This block is similar to the current Trim Lattice block, but adds the option 'Rounded Edges'. When toggled on, this will round out the edges of the cut beams. Keep in mind that this rounding will happen in the trimmed space. Note the difference in the image below.


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  • This is great... but then how do you go "from lattice body to mesh"? Or... From lattice body to implicit body.

  • Ah... my question may have been premature. Mesh from Implicit Body also takes a Lattice Body as input.


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