How to create a Coincident Plane from a CAD Face


In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a Coincident Plane from a CAD Face. To do this, we need to take a deep dive into the Properties tab of the CAD Face. Our Plane needs a Centroid and two non-linear axes (can't be parallel). We will utilize the Edges and Vertices of the CAD Face to create the Plane. 

Note: The part we are starting with is already imported and the face has been extracted from the main part. Download the example file to follow along. 

1. Add a Plane block

2. Set the Origin

Use a Vertex as the Plane Origin. 

  • Open the Properties on the CAD Face block and go to 'Surface'
  • Expand the Surface Properties
  • Expand the Vertices Properties
  • Choose one of the vertexes to use as the Origin (any one will work)

We want to make sure we are using the properties from the Surface and not the Bounding Box or the Parent. 


3. Extract the Edge Curves

Use the Edges of the CAD Face to create the X and Y Axes. 

  • Open up the Properties panel of the CAD Face again
  • Go to the Surface tab and expand it
  • Expand the Edges tab
  • Expand one of the Edges (any edge will do) Properties and drag out the Curve chip into the Notebook


  • Repeat the process above and expand a different Edge and drag out another Curve chip into the Notebook (total of two edges)

It should look similar to the image below. 


4. Set the Axes

Use a point from each Curve as the X and Y axes.

  • Open up the Curve_0 Properties 
  • Expand the Control Points
  • Choose one of the points and insert it into the X-axis (either point will work)
  • Repeat these steps for the second Curve_1 and insert the point into the Y-axis (choose the other point from the group of two control points to change the positive direction of the axes)

Follow along with this process in the gif below.



And that is it! Now you have a plane that is coincident to your CAD Face. Try the steps on another face from the example file to get comfortable with the process. 


Are you still having issues? Reach out to the support team, and we’ll be happy to help!

Download the Example File:

  Coincident Plane from a CAD Face

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