FDM Fixture Generator Parameter Guide

We'll be reviewing the key parameters for the Fixture Creation step in the basic jigs and fixture workflow and how changes in their value effect the workflow. 




Fixture Shape

Choose between a rectangular outline or part outline shape to create the fixture design.



Edge to Cavity Margin

The offset distance between the cavity and the outer perimeter of the jig.



Fixture Height

The total height of the fixture measured from max height and min height the object. Additional height is added to the floor of the fixture to maintain the same Fixture Depth.


Fixture Depth

How deep the part sits in the fixture design space to create the jig. Larger fixture depth increases the depth of the resulting jig. Fixture depth should not exceed the total height of the input design.


Part Clearance

The clearance distance from the input part and the fixture being created. Clearance value should not be greater than the cavity detail parameter.


Minimum Pillar Thickness

If the bottom of your part has holes or something similar, this parameter will account for this to avoid creating pillars.



Cavity Detail

The level of detail you want to preserve in the cavity of the jig. A lower value will increase the the level of detail captured, but will be more computationally expensive. This value should be the minimum feature size of your part. The Cavity Detail should not exceed the part clearance value of the part.



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