Why does my part have extra fragments when I convert it to an Implicit?


When I convert my model to an implicit body it is creating artifacts and fragmented pieces. 


This can be caused by a few things, some of the most common are:

    • Tolerance too low
    • Errors in mesh
    • Errors from CAD
    • Resolution too low


    • If your tolerance is too high, change it in the block where you are converting it to an Implicit body. This will re-calculate and should get rid of any artifacts. 


    • If this doesn't improve your part, another method is to convert it to a Mesh. Sometimes the artifacts will disappear in the mesh.
    • If the mesh didn't work, use the Split Mesh block to separate your Mesh into different sizes. Open up the Properties to grab the Chip with the largest mesh (they will be sorted by volume).
    • If none of these improve your part, it may be the Resolution of the program. Use 'CTRL-H' to see a high-resolution screenshot or change the settings on the bottom left of the program. 

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