How to create contoured standoffs for jigs and fixtures.

Quickly creating fixtures for assembly, machining, and inspection purposes is an everyday use of FDM 3D printing, but complex part geometry can get in the way and make this time-consuming. This tutorial video explains how to create a conformal fixture with contoured standoffs that ensure your part stays in place. After watching, you will know how to:

  • Quickly create a custom fixture for CMM inspection from complex, organic geometry.
  • Create contoured standoffs to accurately and predictably hold a part for inspection purposes.
  • Importing a list of points that rapidly define where a part should be held.

Let’s get started.

And there you go! Now, you’ll be able to use nTopology to create 3D printed fixtures with contoured standoffs to accurately hold complex geometry.

If you still have questions our support team would be happy to help you.

Thanks for watching!

Download the Example file:

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