How to warp the cell size of a Volume Lattice


Warp the cell size of a Volume Lattice using the Ramp block. 

Applies to:

  • Beta Blocks: With the release of 2.15, the ability to use 'Beta Blocks' has launched. Beta blocks are blocks that are in development that are subject to change prior to transitioning into full production use. Beta blocks are generally not recommended for production use but are made available to users for early access to upcoming features. To turn on Beta blocks, go to File > Settings and check the 'Show Beta Blocks' box. 


1. Set-Up: Work backward from your Volume Lattice

    • Add a Periodic Lattice Body
    • Input a Unit Cell block and choose a Diamond Unit Cell
    • Input a Rectangular Cell Map block 
      • Add a Cube to use as the Volume in the Cell Map block
    • Set the Thickness to 1mm

2. Add a Ramp block and make it a variable

    • Add a Cylinder in the Scalar Field 
      • The Cylinder will be where the Ramp starts. Make sure it is taller than the Cube and has a small radius
    • Set the In and Out values
      • In min: 0mm In max: 30mm
      • Out min: 1 Out max: 3
        • The Out values represent the scale that will be applied to the lattice. Positive values will expand the lattice and negative values will shrink the lattice
    • Set the Continuity to Geometric

3. Add a Warp Cell block

    • Input the Rectangular Cell Map from Step 1
    • Add the Ramp block to the U, V, and W scale factors (or leave it as 0 if you don't want it to ramp in that direction)


4. Add the Warp Cell block to the Periodic Lattice Body, replacing the original Cell Map. 


And that’s it! You’ve successfully warped and ramped your Volume Lattice

Are you still having issues? Contact the support team, and we’ll be happy to help!

Download the Example file:

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