A "Windows protected your PC" message displays during install


Executing the nTopology MSI may trigger the Microsoft SmartScreen warning "Windows protected your PC" and block the install process.


Applies to:

  • nTopology 3.36
  • nTopology 2.27
  • nTopology 2.26
  • nTopology 2.25 +


This message occurs if an application is unrecognized by Microsoft.  New versions of the software are sometimes unrecognized at release until enough users install the software to build the trust index.


We are actively exploring solutions to stop this issue from occurring with future releases. As long as the MSI was retrieved from a trusted source such as the nTopology User Dashboard or an organization's network, selecting the "run anyway" option is safe. Contact your IT team or nTopology support with any questions.

If you can't see the 'Run Anyway' option - Only do this if you've downloaded the MSI from the nTopology User Dashboard.

**We highly recommend turning these settings back on after you've installed the program

    • Open Windows Security (type in the Search panel on the lower left)
    • Select the 'App & Browser control' tab 
    • Select 'Reputation-based protection settings'
    • Turn off 'Potentially unwanted app blocking'

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