Why isn't the TPMS/Lattice thickness constant when I distort it?


I've distorted my TPMS and the thickness isn't constant after I've distorted it. 

Applies to:

  • Varying cell size
  • Warping
  • Remapping


We are currently working on fixing this issue. 


Method 1: When building your TPMS, try this workflow:

    • Set the Walled TPMS to 0 thickness
    • Add a Remap Field block
      • Input the TPMS block 
      • Set X: X
      • Set Y: Y
      • Set Z: Z
    • Add a Thicken Body block
      • Input the Remap Field block
      • Set your thickness value


This should allow the TPMS to have a constant thickness.

Method 2: Normalize the Field of the TPMS by using the field property Normalized Field. This property is found in every field.

    • Add a Walled TPMS block and set your values (including thickness)
      • Open up the properties and move the Normalized Field chip into the Notebook.
    • Use the Normalized Field as a field type or open up its properties to extract the Implicit Body. 

Method 3: Normalize the Field of the TPMS by using the Custom Block, Normalize Field. This block is attached below (this block is now a field within nTopology. Use Method 2 to use the property).

    • Add a Walled TPMS block and set your values (including thickness)
    • Add the Normalize Field block (import it first)
      • Input the Walled TPMS
    • Add a Set Field Bounding Box
      • Take the bounding box chip from the Walled TPMS block and insert it into the Bounding Box input



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  • The Walled TPMS which the cell sizes are not equal in every axis (ex. 5x5x20 mm) get thinner than input thickness.
    Each method in this help could not resolve it.

  • Hi, I also have the same problem. I assessed wall thickness to 1 mm for every type of TPMS and it gives me half of that.
    yes, none of these methods could help. I tried every time to 3d print my structure but they destroyed it during printing and then I understood the thickness is not exactly the one that I considered.
    What is the solution?


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