How to Debug an nTopCL Error in Python


Learn how to debug errors in your nTopCL process from Python when there is an error shown based on your inputs.

Applies to:

  • Automating nTop notebooks for repeatable and intelligent workflows
  • Interacting with external software suites and databases


  • Set up your Python script for modifying inputs and calling nTop, as shown here.
  • Find the 'exePath' variable used to point to the nTopCL executable
    exePath =r"C:/Program Files/nTopology/nTop Platform/nTopCL.exe"#nTopCL path
  • Change the exePath variable to refer to nTop.exe, instead of nTopCL.exe. This is the standard nTop Platform executable, and so running the script will open up the nTop window with the inputs specified by the command line process.
    exePath = r"C:/Program Files/nTopology/nTop Platform/nTop.exe" #nTop path 
  • Run the script , and the nTop GUI will open up, allowing you to check that the inputs are placed correctly, and where there are errors in the nTop notebook.
  • Correct any errors and reset the exePath variable in your Python script to the original (nTopCL.exe)
    exePath =r"C:/Program Files/nTopology/nTop Platform/nTopCL.exe"#nTopCL path
  • You can also set up an IF statement to quickly switch back before the standard and CL nTop versions.
    OpenGUI = 1
    exePath =
    r"C:/Program Files/nTopology/nTop Platform/nTopCL.exe"#nTopCL path
    if OpenGUI == 1:
    exePath = r"C:/Program Files/nTopology/nTop Platform/nTop.exe" #nTop path 

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