Can I change the phase of my TPMS part?


Can I change the phase of my TPMS part?


You can change the phase of your TPMS or Walled TPMS part by:

    • Create a TPMS Infilled Part (using the type of TPMS you want) using a primitive (ex. a Cube that is larger than the part you want to be infilled)
    • Use Translate Object to move your original part within the large Cube
    • Add a Boolean Intersect block to intersect the:
      • Large TPMS Infilled Part
      • Translated Object of your original part

Using Beta blocks:

    • Edit the Frame origin of the Cell Map to adjust the period/phase of the TPMS unit cell.

Edit the phase by translating your object until you are happy with how it is intersected.

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