How to update a Custom Block in an active Notebook


How do I update a Custom Block that is being used in my Notebook?

Applies to:

  • Custom Blocks


To update a Custom Block, you need to re-import it into your Notebook. Once you modify the Custom Block and save it:

    • You can delete the block from your current Notebook.
    • Leave it and let it update automatically when you import the modified block.

You can choose from the following import methods:

  1. File->Import->Custom Block.
  2. Open the Imported Blocks folder and select Import.
  3. Save the modified Custom Block in your 'My Blocks' folder.
    • When you use this method, you need to open a new instance of nTopology to use the updated block.
    • You need to re-add the block to your Notebook to use the updated version.

If you change the inputs and use the same Custom Block Notebook name, you will see the block show up in your Imported Blocks folder again. 


It appears like this because it creates an Overload of the existing custom block. You can toggle to the new version by using the down chevron beside the block name. 


To toggle back to the old version, make sure the new input is empty, and then use the overload. The option to toggle will be greyed out if the input isn't empty.


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