How to create a square beam mesh


Learn how to create a square beam mesh from a round beam lattice. 

Applies to:

  • Round Beam Lattices


1. This Custom Block runs off of two required inputs: a lattice body and a thickness. Upon inserting both of these, a square beam mesh is generated. 


And that’s it! You’ve successfully created a square beam mesh. Continue reading below to see how this block is built.

Block Breakdown:

1. Inputs: Create a lattice structure with round beams for this workflow. Making the thickness a variable in this step will allow the user to adjust it more easily later. 



2. Properties: Extract the following properties from the lattice to use as downstream variables.

    • Lattice Beams
    • Beam Line Segments
    • Length of Beams
    • Center Point of Beams
    • Direction of Beams



3. Thickness: Create a thickness scalar list to link the beam center points and the thickness value. 



4. Individual Box: A single box can be created using the beam properties at the origin. This will be the template we apply to all the beams to build the lattice.



5. Final Mesh: Lastly, we need to mesh the individual box with feature size and adaptivity values. Using the Orient Object block, we can apply the individual box mesh to the beams. 


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Download the Example file:

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